no dickhead policy

The Goondiwindi Picnic Races has a strict No Dickhead Policy.
In part it means looking after yourself and others.
In part it just means treating each other with respect.

If you are a Dickhead, this event isn’t for you. If you have a Dickhead mate, please leave them at home. Dickheads, or people doing Dickhead things, will usually find that someone firmly but politely lets them know that their Dickhead behaviour is not admired or appreciated. The Dickhead will usually realise they are being a Dickhead and pull their head in. If not, they’ll need to leave.

Dickhead behaviour can be anonymously reported to one of our Committee Members by speaking with a security guard on the day by contacting us via one of our social platforms.


Looking after yourself and others:

We want you to have the best possible time. The time of your life. We want your friends and the people around you to have a great time too, and that means looking after yourself and others.  

When attending the Goondiwindi Picnic Races, the same laws that apply outside its boundaries apply within them. It’s important to follow all state, federal and local laws, in addition to the specific terms and conditions, health and safety guidelines, and regulations of the event.

Similarly, the laws of the human body are no different here than anywhere else. If you are intending to take drugs or drink alcohol, please take these things into consideration:

Rest and rehydrate. Pace yourself if you want to enjoy it all. Take regular drinks of water.

Drugs are bad. We would request that you do not take drugs in the lead up or during the event.
Let everyone around you enjoy the event too.

Mixing alcohol and drugs greatly increases the possibility of overdose or accidents, as does mixing two or more drugs, even if taken hours apart.

If you are feeling unwell, tell someone.

If you or someone near you is feeling unwell, immediately alert a Committee Member, security guard, or the First Aid team. The First Aid team is not here to judge you, they are here to help you. So be honest with them. Everyone can access appropriate professional help during the event.

We respect and welcome our similarities and differences.

We don’t tolerate Dickheads, so please leave them at home, along with any offensive slogans, clothing or costumes. Offensive verbal comments, aggression, violence, intimidation, harassment or assault of any kind – to anyone – is never OK. We work closely with Queensland Police and others to look after the haven here. We eject and/or charge Dickheads.

Before rushing to judgement, or giving yourself or someone else a bad time, think about it. Try and understand what’s really going on. It’s normal to misunderstand things, particularly if we’re tired or intoxicated.

If you have a viral or bacterial illness please stay at home, or go home, to keep from infecting others.

There’s plenty of room at the race track, so there’s no need to crowd anyone’s personal space. If you’re keen to share personal space, please either wait to be invited or ask the person politely. If the person is cool with sharing their space, make sure this continues to be the case. If they choose not to space share (or choose to stop), respectfully and gracefully give them plenty of room, without any fuss. The same goes for sexual attention and physical contact.

Keep the race track clean by taking part in our recycling program. Goondiwindi and the surrounding areas don’t want waste strewn about either. Simple tip: don’t let it hit the ground.

Fully extinguish all cigarette butts and put them in the bin.

Drivers must ARRIVE AND LEAVE WELL UNDER 0.05 and not under the influence of illegal drugs. Be safe and avoid heavy penalties and/or loss of license. 


Goondiwindi Picnic Races




no dickhead policy